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eBGDAE1=120Okay... So, here's your lesson.04420304056Tune the strings with…0…these notes. The "0" means just an open string. So, don't do anything with your left hand yet. Also, the bottom means the lowest string, then the one second to the bottom means the second lowest string, and so on, so forth.70809010011012013014015016017018019020021022023024025026027028029030So, on to the lesson…0…thingy... So, I'll assume you have a guitar pick. So, just play all the open strings at once.31032033034035036037038Like that...00000039400000004142Now, play the strings seperately.00004300440000450046It's best to just get use to the picking and stuff. Just do this little excersize a few times.00004700480000490050See that "1"? Just press down on the first fret. That's it is. Each number goes with each fret. Like, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ect.100051005230005300541000550056The arrow that's pointing upwards means to just slowly hit all the notes…0000005758…as opposed to just hitting it in one go.596061626364065066So, just practice this riff right here to get yourself use to guitar.067068690320700320710320720650730650741030750650760650770870781211007903208003208103208206508306508410308506508606508708708812110089090091Riff two.0920932323942424952323962010972323982424992323100223210102321022232103010401050106Well, that's the end of…0…lesson one. 1070108109Oh, and, uh... Don't try this at home. ;)121415121415121415131416141617141517151415171514333333331101716141614131514121514121514121214151214151415141833333331112019172018172019172018172120182120182322202322202322202322202020112001220113114
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