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eBGDAE1Intro (t=188 -> 180)=188442345=1806789101112131415(t=188)=18816341744183419Couplet 1Tell me it's white, I'll=1886666664420show you how it's black If66666621it's the only way to66666622get you off my back6666623We both know that6666696424nothing I say is true96496496496496496496425And I know you know66666626that I don't have a clue6666627RefrainWise guy, know it all,=1887796496496428Wise guy seen it all,7796496496429Wise guy, know it all,7796496496430Wise guy772431Pre-couplet=18844323334635Couplet 2And I'm so wise, I=188666636should be on TV, I'd66666637make you only see what66696438I wanna see96496496496496496496439Using everything that66666640might help,66641get rid of all the rest,66666642I just wanna forget6666643RefrainWise guy, know it all,=1887796496496444Wise guy seen it all,7796496496445Wise guy, know it all,7796496496446Wise guy772447Break=1884448495051Couplet 3And when all the facts just=1886666652slap me in the face, I'll66666653take you for a ride, Take66666654you to another place6666666655Still I'll be talking when66666656there's nothing left to say blabbering 666666657And boasting I'll666666658pretend I'm OK96496496496459964660pretend I'm OK777761762Refrain/OutroWise guy, know it all,=1887796496496463Wise guy seen it all,7796496496464Wise guy, know it all,7796496496465Wise guy772466I know you well by now6464646444676414Change tuning (R)
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