Bwitched - Rollercoaster Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo
the strings are represented thusly so:
The number indicates the fret that u play. In the above example, fret D at 4th, and play A open... ahh, Harmonious, eh?? But, now onto the song:


Here's the intro. Or, what I made of the intro: Then, just follow the pattern for one line of the verse, and then the song begins Ok, here's that riff (as I see it) that carries most of the verse. To me, this sounds like a bass is playing is playing the bassy bit, and a guitar is raking out a chord over it. Consider this part to be a compromise between the two, with the guitar playing both Today's the day, We're out to play.We lost our way, it's always the same, oh baby now. The next significant change is for the "come and sit beside us" bit.. Lets call that the pre-chorus: For this, from what I can hear, you rake out D, then Dsus4, then D, then Dsus4 (get the idea?)
Then for the chorus: come on come on get it on we're riding in a rollercoaster come on come along get it on we're riding in a rollercoaster of love Then straight back to the verse riff. If you want something to play whilst the fiddle bit is on: FIDDLE BIT :) mute and unmute these chords rapidly (with your fretting hand) to the timing of the fiddle. You'll know what I mean, if u listen to the song.

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