Capo 5th fret

Standard (EADGBE)

did not catch her name,

did not catch her tears.

it hit me like a train

when her story hit my ears.

mother of eight sons,

father off to war,

got no home address –

just bricks on a dirt floor.

she said, "Jesus is all I need."

tiny plot of land,

corn stored up in piles.

years it doesn't rain...

they just stay hungry for a while.

no fatted calf to kill,

she made a feast of cuy and corn.

she said, "who else knew my name

before the day that i was born?

Jesus is all i need

Jesus is all i need."

she bragged about her boys –

how they're growin' into men,

how they learned to praise the Lord,

old style ecuadorian.

to buy the new guitar

she had to sell the swine.

said, "my boys go to school on a foreign angel's dime.

this world calls me poor,

i bore my babies on this floor.

He always provides

sure as the sun will rise.

so i'll sing Him songs of praise

'cause i know He'll keep me in His gaze."

rain poured from the sky,

we raced back to the van.

there were tears in the eyes

of this poor, forgetful man.

mother of eight sons,

she knows the peace of God.

Lord, help me learn to lean

on Thy staff and Thy rod.

Jesus is all I need,

Jesus is all I need.