Standard (EADGBE)



Verse 1

Just play the intro):

Sometimes I believe all the lies so I can do the things I despise

And everyday I am swayed by whatever is on my mind

I hear it all depends on my faith so I'm feeling precarious now

The only problem I have with these mysteries is they're so mysterious

Prechorus 1

And like a consumer I've been thinking

If I could just get a bit more

More than my fifteen minutes of faith

Then I'd be secure


My faith is like shifting sand, swayed by every wave

My faith is like shifting sand, so I stand on grace

Verse 2

just play the intro again):

I begged you for some proof for my Thomas eyes to see

A slitherous staff, a leprous hand, and lions resting lazily

Prechorus 2

A glimpse of your backside in glory

and this soaked altar is going ablazed

But you know I've seen so much

And I explained it away


Waters rose as my doubt reigned, my sand castle faith slipped away

Found myself standing on your grace, It's been there all the time


I stand on grace

And that's all of it. It's a really nice song. Feel free to feedback.


Conde Monte Cristo