Callalily - Fake Lullabies Chords

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Wake up little girl.

Daddy’s waiting outside

holding your favorite toy.

His eyes are full of joy,

He can’t wait to see your face.

He’s craving for that warm and sweet embrace.

His body starts to shiver

’cause this is the first time you’ll see each other.

But everything was an imagination;

you were a victim of a fad illusion.

There’s nothing you can do,

there’s nothing you can do.

Cause when we close our eyes

we hear more lies -

fake lullabies

poisoning our minds

Clouds are running faster

as your eyes are getting heavier.

Things are not so bright;

cause the moon won’t shed its light.

Merry’s not around,

I don’t know where to be found

but who knows?

Maybe in a rainbow.


Chorus 2x

Wake up little girl,

Daddy’s gone forever

but who knows?

Maybe in a rainbow.