Chasen - Crazy Beautiful Chords

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\ \\\ \\\ \\\ \ \\\ \\\ \\ \\ x2

(you play this while he is sings that whoa o ah o part)

(Verse 1)

Everybody' been there

Everyone's the same

Mostly we don't care

Isn't that ashame (Intro x1)

You bring us down

Face after face

The inside's beautiful

but the outside we want to change (we want to change)


Whoa you're oh so beautiful

You don't need anyone's approval

You've got to believe in yourself,you,you are

(no music)

Crazy Beautiful

(After this you play the intro chords repeatedly until the next chorus, the chords for

chorus are the same too.)


Take a look,its all around you

you see the world from differant veiws

The way you shine from the inside

I know without a doubt

Its more than what you'll be

In the worlds eyes

(Repeat chorus x2 then go to ending which is intro chords twice)

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