Cheap Trick - If You Want My Love Chords

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E Ah_______ ah. Ah______ ah.


If you E want my love you A got it.

If you C# need my love you F# got it.

I won't A hide it. I won't B throw your love a E way. Ohh.


first verse

Em Yes I thought you were a C mystery girl

Em A special girl in this C crazy old world

Am7 You couldn't see me when I C laid eyes on Em you C


)Lonely is (




You don't Am know what it's G like. You can't F# fight it

It's a Dm hole in my C heart in my B heart

Chorus twice

second verse

You hold the secrets of love in this world

I'm hypnotized by your every word

A special face, special voice, special smile in my life

Cause lonely is only a place

You don't know what it's like. You can't fight it

It's a hole in my heart in my heart.

chorus trice, ending on Em