Cheap Trick - Shes Tight Chords

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A When I'm down, I make a call (E-E-A)

A Got this number written on the wall (E-E-B)

B First it's busy then I try again (F#-F#-B)

B Who is she talking to? Could it be him? (E-E-A)

A I dial her number and it starts to ring (E-E-A)

A I get excited and I start to dream (E-E-B)

B I start to fantasize on memory lane (G#-G#-C#)

C# Then she answers and she says right away, she says, "I'm


Home on my own____________

Home all alone____________

So I got off the phone. She's tight


E She's a- B -head of her time. She's tight

G# She's A one of a kind. She's tight.

E She's a B talented girl. She's tight.

G# She's got her A head down tight.

repeat intro

second verse:

I had something got to say to you

Amnesia in my train of thought

On the tip, the tip of my tounge

I had a vision when I was young

You floated in, we floated up

To a window and down the hall

I had a smoke and went upstairs

Turned the door and I opened the key, She spoke,

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus


She's B giving me the go. She's tight.

E She's A giving me the high sign

We'll B turn out the lights

E Pull down on the shades

She's nice A She's tight

B Turn on the camera E

Get A ready for action

She's nice A She's tight

B Turn off the radio E

A Turn on the video

repeat intro again twice, then do the outro a second time into fade

the outro takes practice, most especially because it goes from the last A

in the chorus to the B in the beginning of the outro, and your gut tells

you to jump to the E a measure too soon