Chester Knight - Love Me Strong Chords

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Yes I know there are things we don't say. And I know they are things we

don't do.

But I know I can't live without you. For some strange reason I need someone

to give.

I wonder if you realize just how you make me feel. When you say you love is

not real.

I love you even when you are mad and your throwing things around

I love you even when you put me down.



Just tell me you'll love me and tell me you care. I will never leave you

I'll always be there.

I'll give all things you want I'll give you what you need. Just never really

hurt me never make me bleed. Love me, love me, love me, love me strong

Ah-- love me strong all night long.


I'm looking out the window and I'm wondering why I'm here if I only could

save you with my tear.

Moonlight shines across your face as you turn your head to say I'm sorry

that I treated you this way.