eBGDAE13intro=182442345678910111213verses 1you don't know what you're5858514do - in'51By115leavin' me here a - lone 55685916But117I don't feel like555118leavin'55just119know when you be553120gone0You're gonna be155521so - rry5322for what you've4¼½4¼½4¼½23done52425verses 2I went down to the5858526gip - sy51to127get my fortune told5685928and129what that gip - sy555130told me55Lord 5131? ? ? ? ? ? ?5531320You're gonna be155533so - rry5334for what you've4¼½4¼½4¼½35done536interlude37383940414243That544verses 3gip - sy told me588845darlin'51That will1546all - ways be apart5685947She148said I love you555149truly55But that5150you would break my553151heart0You're gonna be155552so - rry5353for what you've4¼½4¼½4¼½54done55556"solo"57585960616263646566676869707172737475You576verses 4say you love a - 588877- nother51But178I know you love well5681579And180someday you'll be think-5551581- ing5Of182someone beside your - 5553183self0You're gonna be155584so - rry5385for what you've4¼½4¼½4¼½86done587You588verses 5oft - en go down588889pry - ing51Soon890the day will88191come5A192day when you'll get555193lonesome55And194wish you could come553195home0You're gonna be155596so - rry5397for what you've4¼½4¼½4¼½98done599100outro101102103104105106107108