Chris Cornell - Take Me Alive Chords

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Verse 1

I tried & tried to walk away to be the bigger man than me

You made it hard for me, for me

It's been a long lonely road, I didn't know which way to go

You made my blood cold & filled me up with song


There's nowhere for me to go

I'm a long way away from home

I won't go without a fight

You'll never take me alive

You'll never take me alive oh no you won't (4x)

Verse 2

I tried and tried to shed your skin but you control me from within

Your love has been a sin I won't forget tomorrow

(repeat Chorus)


...........Ahhhhhh oh no (4x)

You're the fire inside the circle, no retreat today (4x)

(You'll never take me alive oh no you won't)

You're the fire inside