Chris Doran - Johney Bigtime Chords

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x 3


Am G x 4

Sulphuric nights, i'm on the land of the dreamboat

Neon lights, burnin' bright at my expense,

You buy the way through horrors, but you don't understand

Just what they want, who they see or what they need


Do they know yet, who I am?

See through the scum I let myself become

Livin' for the moment and dyin' for the rest,

But when I want to, I can be the best


Cuz I'm Johney Bigtime, Oh yea

And I know I got it, when I want to

It's Johney Bigtime, so stop your worryin

Life is great, just when you got it


Temptation corners you into thinking that your the one

Laughin all the way to the tap with your plastic gun

Your riding the rook because your a pawn in the devils game

So get on home and pray to god that it's just a dream


Well I got some pennies here, won't you bum a smoke

Look at me now won't you cry I'm completely broke

I can see the smile on the other side of all your faces

When I used to take you to all these different places