Standard (EADGBE)



When I was held up in chains

The river was free

When I was covered in stains

The river was clean

When I was losing my way

The river found me


I can see the river

I can feel the river

I'm letting go of all I hold onto

Let it wash away

Verse 2

When we were broken inside

The river was love

When we were thirsty and dry

You were more than enough

When we were drowning in lies

The river saved us


I'm dancing in the river

And I'll be here forever

I'm letting go of everything but You

Carry me away

Carry me away

Carry me away

Carry me away

Carry me away

Carry me away


And I can see the river?

It?s washin? me away

My life is in the river

And I?ll be here forever

I?m lettin? go of all that I hold onto

Can you see the river?

When you?re standin? in the river

Letting go of everything,

Everything but You