Chuck Tocco - I Know That You Can Hear Me Chords

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La la la La la la Ooh

La la la La la la Ooh

Verse 1

Its the brake lights Its the sudden stop

Its the cold chill when your heart it drops

Its the fear that grips you

Its so real when it hits you

Verse 2

Its the brevity of this life youve never known

The depravity of your heart when its shown

In the light of the law

Its where you see your fall


And I know I know that you hear me

Even though I cant see you

Even though I cant feel you

I know that youre here

I know that youre here

Verse 3

Its the death of me

Its my life in you

Its everything in plain view

Its falling apart

Its you getting through to my heart


No matter what youve done

I keep no record of wrong

By faith you are justified


La la la La la la Ooh

La la la La la la Ooh