eBGDAECapo 12th fret1=1103162443456Strophedo i have nothing good2245247left to say35428do i need whiskey22452to stop459fueling my complains33354210people love to drink24524511their troubles away3354212sometimes i feel that i'd be224524513better off that way33344214Chorusmaybe then i could2452415sleep at night354216i wouldn't lie awake until2245245173the morning light3354218this is something24524519that i'll never control3354220my nerves will be the death224524521of me .. i know344202223i know4425224525i know44226427i know4425228i know52944230Strophe 2so here's the living life22452431miserable354232and here's to all the lonely224524533stories that i've told33354234maybe drinking wine24524535would validate my sorrow3354236every man needs a muse224524537and mine could be the bottle333442438maybe then i could2452439sleep at night354240i wouldn't lie awake until2245245413the morning light3354242this is something24524543that i'll never control335444my nerves will be the death224524545of me .. i know344204647i know4425248549i know44250451i know4425252i know55344254finally i could 9997955hope for a better77977956da -y 975758no longer holding on599977959to all the things that79797960cloud my mind976162may-be99then7963the weight of the world wouldn't7778764seem so9765heavy97but then again257966i probably always feel77526775this7568way26970at least i know i'll never224524571sleep at night354272i'll always lie awake until2245245733the morning light3354274this is something24524575that i'll never control335476my nerves will be the death224524577of me .. i know344278my nerves will be the death224524579of me .. i know344280my nerves will be the death224524581of me .. i know875382my nerves will be the death224524583of me .. i know=808753849Change tuning (R)