Clearlake - Trees In The City Chords

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x35353 [bass plays ]



Verse 1

Look [E*] around and you can [E*] see

Maybe [E*] things could be [E*] better

Ever[E*]greens haven’t [E*] been

All they [*] promised they’ be

Verse 2

There’s hope there, there’s fresh air

There are trees in the city

Standing out from the background

Saying things could be worse


I wouldn’t have thought

Anything living could grow

Here what with the smoke

That I can smell on your clothes

There’s mud on your shoes

And there’s dirt in your hair

Still maybe the trees

In the city are still there

Verse 3

We’ll stand in the shadows

Of that dirty great cathedral

Do you ever get the feeling?

That you’re being watched

Verse 4

If you’re evil or wicked

Then you won’t know what hit you

It’s there to remind you

You’d best watch your step

[Repeat chorus twice]