eBGDAE1INTRO=754423456789VERSOCome to meet you3031102Tell you I´m sorry3031112You don't know how 3303212Lovely22You Are0313I had to find you3031142Tell you I need you3031152Tell you I set you apart3303216220317Tell me your secrets3031182And ask me your 303119questions2Oh let's go back 3303220to the start220321Running in circles3031222Coming up tails3031232Heads on a silence 330322422apart0325CHORUSNobody said 131126it was easy3113127It's such a shame 212328for us to part322220329Nobody said131130 it was easy3113131No one ever said 211232it would be this hard1222220333234ENTRA JONNYOh take me back to the start233333335233637383940414243VERSO 2 Y GUY BAJEAI was just guessing3031442At numbers and figures3031452Pulling your puzzles 330324622apart0347Questions of science3031482Science and progress3031492Do not speak as loud as my heart3303250220351Tell me you love me3031522Come back and haunt me3031532Oh and I rush to the start3303254220355Running in circles3031562Chasing our tails3031572Coming back as we are3303258220359CHORUSNobody said131160 it was easy3113161Oh it's such a shame2123623 for us to part22220363Nobody said 131164it was easy3113165No one ever said 211266it would be so hard1222220367268I'm going back to the start233333369GUY GUITARRA2370717273Aouuhh!!Ahouuu1574uuuu...3137517677Ahouuu1578uuuu...3137918081Ahouuu1582uuuu...3138318485FINALAhuuuu...1586Uuuuuh.......313873138818990