Confederate Railroad - Daddy Never Was Caddy Kind Chords

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x4 x2 x2

We were poor when I was a youngun

I don't remember ever going hungry

Daddy made sure we didn't do without

I went to school with some of these fellas

They had money and I was jealous

I didn't know then what I know now

Daddy'd say you can't judge a book by looking at its cover

It's what's inside that really matters


Daddy never was the Cadillac kind

He said some things just glitter and shine

He taught us that love was the one thing money couldn't buy

Daddy never was the Cadillac kind

I left home right out of high school

Bought me a big car thought I was real cool

Cruisin' around the old neighborhood

I'd see Dad after church on Sunday

I'd say you'll have to go riding with me someday

He just said no, I never understood

He asked me how I bought it, I told him on credit

Daddy just smiled, I'll never forget it


It took a while but now I'm grown

I've settled down with kids of my own

The more I give them

The more they want

Daddy left us last November

I don't remember him ever looking better

All laid out in his Sunday best

I'm sure instead of all the attention

All he'd of wanted was a few words mentioned

A simple man simply laid to rest

As they drove him away in that big Cadillac

With a tear in my eye I had to laugh