Corb Lund Band - Counterfeit Blues Chords

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He said drink deeply of the wine, my friend, breathe fully in the smoke

and eat the fish that he conjured, this is the bread that Jesus broke

This is grape juice and cheap vodka, man, this isn't even wine

I'm smokin shredded cardboard, eating sawdust baked with lime

This is not the truth you tell me, but some terrible, evil joke

Sounds to me like the counterfeit blues have got you by the throat

there seem to me an awful lot of charltans round here

and hustlers, cheats and anglers, fixers, sharps and mutineers

the factory and subterfuge and corporato cheat

conspire to fast reduce us to the stamping of our feet

the lords of mass producto mass product at quite a pace

it won't be long these counterfeit blues'll run the whole damn place


these notes that you've been paying with are a little bit too green

the printing's off, the ink has got a polyester sheen

your bill has grown too large and now you'll have to work it off

and your snout will have to make its way from the far end of the trough

you got suckered into tryin to make your make your money overnight

looks to me like the counterfeit blues will be doggin you all of your life

the worn out western hat I got no longer smells like horse

and I can't afford to keep one around now that rooster's gone, of course

I guess I've left it all behind me now except for when I write

and sing ancestral praises of the ones who knew that life

yes, years of rocka rolla have extracted quite a fee

maybe them old counterfeit blues have been creepin up on me