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eBGDAE1Intro=94442345678910111213VerseHang __ me_____3114Watch a while._ 212let me2115see you smile_____212as___116I die._______3017Take_ me31as my2118body burns__212let me2119see you yearn___212while_120I cry_______3021ChorusOne step on your own____2202222and__ you__ walk___00023all o - ver me____02032425One head in the clouds____2202226you_ won't_ let__00027go;0you're too proud___2032829One light to the blind,_____3003030and they see____113313233One touch on the head,______3103134we be-lieve________113353637383940414243A-144Versedore __ me___ as I311245drift a - way.__ 212let me2146hear you say_____212I'm___147fine____3048You__ cry31as my2149body dies__212all that2150you despised___212is___151gone away____3052ChorusOne step on your own____2202253and__ you__ walk___00054all o - ver me____02035556One head in the clouds____2202257you_ won't_ let__00058go;0you're too proud___2035960One light to the blind,_____3003061and they see____113626364One touch on the head,______3103165we be-lieve________1136667Interlude68We be - lieve___________11369707172Bridge7374757677787980Yeah________581828384ChorusOne step on your own____2202285and__ you__ walk___00086all o - ver me____02038788One head in the clouds____2202289you_ won't_ let__00090go;0you're too proud___2039192One light to the blind,_____3003093and they see____113949596One touch on the head,______3103197we be-lieve________1139899Outro100101102103104105106107We be - lieve___________113108109110=45111Change tuning (R)
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