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eBGDAE1=140442Intro34Was ridin'335Verse 12alongside the highway332562rollin'372up the country side32325839thinkin' I'm the devil's heat wave232325102what you3211burn in your crazy mind?332325212313Saw a slight distraction3252314315standin' by the road335231617she was smilin' there32323yellow in her…32…hair1832519do you wanna, I was thinkin'222222220would you care?22321ChorusSweet hitch-a-hiker3325522we could make music at the Greasy King3333335232322425Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325526won't you ride on my fast32325227machine?3102829Verse 2Cruisin' on thru the junction332325302I'm flyin'33312'bout the speed of sound3232532noticin' peculiar function333332325342ain't no3235roller coaster show me down323255233637I turned away to see her32352338339woa! she caught my eye3255234041I was rollin' down32323movin' too fast324232543do you wanna, she was thinkin'222222244can it last?22345ChorusSweet hitch-a-hiker3325546we could make music at the Greasy King3333335472324849Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325550won't you ride on my fast32325251machine?3105253Guitar Solo54555657585960was busted3361Verse 3up along the highway232325622I'm the saddest32363ridin' fool alive2323256465wond'ring if you're goin' my way3232325662won't you3267give a poor boy a ride?3235236869Here she comes a-ridin'3252370371Lord! she's flyin' high3255237273she was rollin' down32323movin' too fast327432575do you wanna, she was thinkin'222222276can I last?22377Chorus (fade out)Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325578we could make music at the Greasy King3333335792328081Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325582won't you ride on my fast32325283machine?3108485Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325586we could make music at the Greasy King3333335872328889Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325590won't you ride on my fast32325291machine?3109293Sweet hitch-a-hiker3325594we could make music at the Greasy King33333359523296Change tuning (R)
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