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eBGDAE1Estos son los acordes que se usan:=12644234D5A6G789There's a place up ahead23523510and I'm going235211just as fast as my feet23523512can fly2313Come away, come away23523514if you're going235215leave the sinkin ship2355516behind2317Come on the rising wind33322518We're219gonna up around the bend3332252021Ooh522Bring a song and a smile23523523for the banjo235224better get while the getting's23555255good2326Hitch a ride to the end23523527of the highway555228where the neons235529turn to wood52330Come on the rising wind33322531We're232gonna up around the bend3332253334Ooh535You can ponder perpetual235555365motion5237fix your mind on a23555538cristal day2339Always time for a good23555540conversation555241there's an ear for235542what you say52343Come on the rising wind33322544We're245gonna up around the bend3332254647Yeah548495051525354555657585960Ooh561Catch a ride to the end23555562of the highway555263and we'll meet by the2355564big red tree52365There's a place up ahead23555566and I'm going555267Come along, come along23523568with me2369Come on the rising wind33322570We're271gonna up around the bend3332257273Yeah574Doo doo dooroo57555276Doo doo dooroo5775527879Doo dooroo55280581557828384858687888990Change tuning (R)
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