Cub - My Little Star Chords

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For those of you that don't know a band outta Vancouver Canada

currently with 2 full length albums out Betti-cola and

Comeout, Comeout....

Song Title: Little Star

You shine brightly in my sky

with you how the nights go by

catch a comet by the tail

if he hollers go to jail

Verse one

I had a spider monkey and his name was BOB

He had a nice smile and I liked him alot

But he had nothing compared to you

Cuz your my star and you shine through


Your my little star

your my little star

your my star

my little star

Verse 2

Thunder lightning sunshine rain

when will we two meet again

Find a little lovers lair

Name a time and I'll be there

Chorus again


Tabbed by Mark Windle....

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