Dan Fogelberg - Face The Fire Chords

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Verse 1

I hear the thunder

Three miles away

The island's leaking

Into the bay

The poison is spreading

The demon is free

And people are running from

What they can't even see.


Face the fire

You can't turn away

The risk grows greater

With each passing day

The waiting's over

The moment has come

To kill the fire

And turn to the sun.

Verse 2

They'll take your money

And then take your health

To line their pockets with

Unequaled wealth

These men are under

The power of gold

We won't be safe until we

Shut them down cold.


Verse 3

The people came to the capitol town

One hundred thousand of them

Laid their hearts down

They screamed in anger

And broadcast their fears

Just to have them

Fall on deaf ears.