eBGDAE1Intro=19844234567891011121314151617Verse 1I can't describe this feeling668856818Cause I never felt it before88688881932021It was like I was in the dark668856822and someone o - pened the886888823door32425Verse 2Heaven seems so near to me668856826It almost takes my breath away88688882732829Just because you're here with me668856830today's the most glorious886888831day33233Bridge3435363738394041ChorusJust like rain1088in the desert81081042you are worth all the waitin' for810888101043me10and I hope you reco -101110810844gnize that10845I can't describe what I108881081046feel, but I hope that you're for81010108101047real10For you I will always810108101148come back10849Verse 3If I didn't love you so,668856850then why should heart beat like that88688885135253Ev'rytime I have you 'round668856854your beauty's almost driving me mad886888855356575458ChorusJust like rain1088in the desert8108104459you are worth all the waitin' for810888101060me10and I hope you reco -101110810861gnize that10862I can't describe what I108881081063feel, but I hope that you're for81010108101064real10For you I will always810108101165come back10866Solo67686970717273747576777879808182ChorusJust like rain1088in the desert81081083you are worth all the waitin' for810888101084me10and I hope you reco -101110810885gnize that10886I can't describe what I108881081087feel, but I hope that you're for81010108101088real10For you I will always810108101189come back10890919293Change tuning (R)