Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin Chords

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Its my third cup of coffee

The fifth time I said Im sorry

The sun slowly peaks in through the glasses

Says weve been up all night

We all know where this is going

Its been a long time coming

Is it really over

Is really goodbye

Maybe I should say something

Maybe you change your mind

Maybe maybe

Buy a little more time


But I got nothing

No magic words

To stop you leaving

To end this hurt

Im just blank

Im starring in a space

Prying, please please let me think of something

Cause I got nothing

Verse 2

I watch you pack your things

You look down at your ring

Slowly slipping off and lying on our bed

Maybe I should peak it up

And get down on my 1stchords knees

Tell you what you want to hear

And give you what you need

[Repeat Chorus]

Youre almost at the door

And youre stopping to look around

Youre eyes are bagging me

Please say something right now

[Repeat Chorus]