Dave Mason - Just A Song Chords

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||:[_bar10] [_bar] [_bar3] [_bar3]:|| x2


||: [_bar8] [_bar3] [_bar3] - :|| x2

Don't talk to me, of fame or fortune,

Don't tell me of the things you've read.

Don't get in- volved, in games of reason,

There ain't no reason I could see for you to win.


I've-a asked you questions now for far too long,

I'm feelin' hard and wasted but there ain't no sun.

I'm tired of calling you here when things go wrong,

So now I'm findin' all I need in just a song.

[1:] [_bar8] [_bar3] [_bar3] -

[2:] [G_bar10] [Eb_bar] [C_bar3] [G_bar3] Oh, [G_bar10] yeah. [Eb_bar] [C_bar3] [G_bar3]

[3:] [_bar10] [_bar3] [_bar3]

Just take my hand and let me feel that I be- long,

Just take some time out from your- self to get a- long.

Just one more day and I will turn from you and run,

Although you're all I do, all I've ever done.


It may be the way I feel but you are all I have,

It's not the same for everyone I know that well.

It means a lot of give and take from every- one,

I'm playing games, just won't help us get along.



It's just a [G_bar10] so- [Eb_bar] on, ong. [C_bar3] [G_bar3]