Standard (EADGBE)



Got you mother in a whirl

shes not sure if your a boy or a girl

hey babe your hairs alright

hey babe lets go out tonight

you like me and you like it all

we love dancing and we look devine

ya like bands when they play it hard

you like me but you want it all (This lyric might be wrong)


They put you down

They say im wrong

Attack it then

You put them on


Rebel rebel

put on your dress

Rebel rebel

your face is a mess

Rebel rebel

how could they know

hot tramp i love you so

(Verse 2 repeat again, including the lyrics and then the bridge followed by Chorus all

played in the sme way as above)

Towards end of the song theres another part with more lyrics but i cant remember what

the lyrics are but this is smply played using the same chord progression as in the


easy huh