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eBGDAE1=7244234567891011121314Ground control to major tom151515151215141516Ground control to major tom151515151215171418Take your protein pills 15121512151219and put your helmet on151212121220Ground control to Major Tom151515151215142122Commencing countdown, engines on15151515151215231424Check ignition and 15121512151225may god’s love be with you151212121226272829This is ground control to major 121213151312151330Tom12You’ve really made 121215131231the grade13151314And the 141232papers want to know whose shirts you13131315131513151533 wear13Now 141234it’s time to leave the capsule if 1313131513151315you 1535dare1336this is major tom to ground 121213151312151337control12I’m stepping through the 121215131238door13151314And I’m 141239floating in a most peculiar 13131315131513way151540- y13And the 141241stars look very 13131315different 131513today15154213For 1343here12Am 15I 1344sitting in a 12121213tin 12can1245Far 12above1215 the 1346world1247Planet 1515earth is 1512blue13And 13there’s 1348nothing 1212I can 1312do14495051525354555657Though I’m 121213past 15581 hundred thousand miles1312151312I' -1259m feeling very12151312 still1315131460And I think my spaceship 14121313131561knows which way to go13151315151362Tell me wife I love her 14121313131563very much 131513"She knows"151311151364Ground control 151515 to1565 major tom151515Your circuit’s dead, 12151313 there’s 1466something wrong1315121513Can you hear me, Major 151515121567Tom?Can you hear me, Major 1512151515121568Tom?Can you hear me, Major 1512151515121569Tom?Can you....151270here am I floating round my tin can151312121213121271Far 1272above the moon1215131273Planet earth is 1515151274blue13And there’s nothing I can 13131212131275do14767778798081828384858687888990919293Change tuning (R)
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