eBGDAE1=684423456789Ground control to major tom88885871011Ground control to major tom88885812713Take your protein pills 85858514and put your helmet on8555515Ground control to Major Tom88885871617Commencing countdown, engines on888885818719Check ignition and 85858520may god’s love be with you8555521222324This is ground control to major 5557657525Tom4You’ve really made 4575426the grade5757And the 7427papers want to know whose shirts you55575757728 wear5Now 7429it’s time to leave the capsule if 55575757you 730dare531this is major tom to ground 5557657532control4I’m stepping through the 4575433door5757And I’m 7434floating in a most peculiar 5557575way7735- y5And the 7436stars look very 5557different 575today77375For 538here5Am 7I 539sitting in a 4445tin 4can540Far 5above57 the 541world442Planet 77earth is 75blue5And 5there’s 543nothing 44I can 54do744454647484950515253Though I’m 555past 71 hundred thousand miles6575544I' -4m feeling very575455 still5757And I think my spaceship 74565557knows which way to go57577575Tell me wife I love her 74585557very much 575"She knows"765947560Ground control 777 to7 major tom777Your circuit’s dead, 561755 there’s 7something wrong5757562Can you hear me, Major 77757Tom?Can you hear me, Major 746377757Tom?Can you hear me, Major…746477757Tom?Can you....7655here am I floating round my tin can756644454567Far 5above the moon57568469Planet earth is 7775blue5And there’s nothing I can…55704454do7717273747576777879808182838485868788Change tuning (R)