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eBGDAE1Intro=11844234567VerseWe28 passed upon032the stair02910we spoke of was and when00300211Although212 I wasn't there032021314he said I was his friend00300215Which came as some surprise 2161132017I018 spoke into his eyes331319222220I thought you died alone322421324422a long long time ago0330223Chorus24Oh No3125Not Me3126I127 never lost control1331228You're Face3129To Face3130With The Man…11…Who Sold The World311331232333435363738 laughed 239and shook his hand032024041and made my way back home00300242I243searched for form and land0320244for…0…years and years I roamed4500300246I247gazed a gazley1132048stare 049at all the millions here331350222251We must have 322452died along324453a long long time ago0330254Chorus55Who Knows?3156Not Me3157We158never lost control1331259You're Face3160To Face3161With the Man…11…who Sold the World621331263Bridge646566ChorusWho Knows?3167Not Me3168With the Man who Sold the World1691331270You're Face3171To Face3172With the Man who Sold the World11731331274Bridge75767778798081Solo828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102Change tuning (R)
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