David Cook - Declaration Chords

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Verse 1

I'll take you just the way you are

imperfect words inside the perfect song

I feel you closer than you are

I've been waiting far too long

too long

Chorus 1

It's my declaration

to anyone whose listening

you're my inspiration

as I stand alone against the world

Cause you love

Can you bleed

cause you stole my soul

and set me free

it's my declaration

Verse 2

Do you care what I believe

Or that I wear a heart upon my sleeve

sometimes I think you never knew

the only truth I see is you

It's you

Chorus 1


And are there any words to say

that I would ever mean enough

When the light runs from the day

Will the darkness be too much

Will I ever be enough

Chorus 1


It's my declaration

so tell me you can hear

these words tonight

It's my declaratioooooooon