eBGDAE1=7044234567Verse 1The day is gone5555when the538angels come to stay530313and339all the silent whispers113550will be0310blown away02011Lying in the corner00011a112pair of high heel shoes005313313hanging on the wall55000gold and003314silver033for the blues533015ChorusOne too many wasted 11333316sunsets5517one too many for the road33033350183119And after dark11113the door3520is alway open03130let ring21hoping someone else will035303122Soloshow22324252627282930313233343536373839Verse 2Someone is waiting55355be540hind an unlocked door330313341grey circles overhead30150042empties on the floor0002043the cracks in the walls20001have grown0633448651too long133345The slow hand is dragging on5555500a0346fraid to meet the dawn222004347ChorusOne too many wasted 11333348sunsets5549one too many for the road33033350503151And after dark11113the door3552is alway open0313053hoping someone else will035303154show355Outro Solo56575859606162=6063646465