eBGDAE1Intro=92442=563456789If your0110circle stays unbroken333333then011you'er a lucky man3335310cause it0112never never never has for3333331013me0In the0114palace of the virgin333333lies the0115challenge of us all3335310and it's0116likely you might find the answer33333310017318=92192021She had5722Verse 1thirteen years of teenage tears888775523never a helping hand555578she had5724fourteen more of rain before8887755she 525saw the sight of land55574she was a57826photograph just ripped in half a7775588727smile inside a frown55578and then the55728light8the answer right in -5555829side her coming down75587She said5530ChorusI can go away5577531I can leave here557532I can be in -555833visible755I go away555834He was 5735Verse 2just eightteen and in between8887755a336lady55and a man578He's737daddy's girl and mama's world888775538that was when he ran55578You know the57839world's confused as being abused71075587and740that' just what he was88855and the the55741spark8inside the dark5575the542answer came because55587he said5543ChorusYou can go away5577544you can leave here557545you can be be555546be....555555554755in -548Solovisible85549505152535455565758596061626364Well I81065Verse 3grew up quick and I got the kick of12121077875866life upon the stage58587So I5767bought the book and then I took a fresh look8888888555at568just the very last page858587Well the81069single word that I just heard71077557from the5570two that came before55587the only58571way7to really stay5857is to8872walk right out the door7778773ChorusSo I go away5577574I'm gonna leave here8557575I can be in -555876visible755go away again888857778I can go away5577579I can leave here557580I can be in -555881visible7558283Well I go away5577584lord, I know it's right to leave here5857455585so I just became in -55555886visible755I went away888587disappear75887before your eyes585889you'll never 55590touch me75you'll never feel me55575you'll never55591see me again because I just become un -7777555588792seen893Well I'm a58594photograph that's been torn in half77755588We're895all nineteen and we're in between we need a7775558858596helpin' hand and doin' all we can to be7775555885897invisible555598go a -7599way7100101102103104105