eBGDAE1Intro:=5844234645Verse 1:I love the night20024467So ma - ny 2008sha - dows029Un - ho - ly light200210Putting out the 220211spark2leave 'em in the dark 22022for - 012- e - ver426413Solo:Oooh...245424441415166417Verse 2:I can wait for22004418 you219Your end is20020my life025421All lies are 2004422true2Secrets of the 220223heart2& you can take them all to220223424hea - ven22006425Rhy. Fill:4426272829Verse 3:I don't feel pain or sor - row142424130The child's a man tomorrow142424131Crossing the line1424Then he's1432mine133Don't care which god you foll - ow142424134Whose promises you swall - ow14214243335Time and a - gain1424We must 4136meet at the end421137Aaah...564438Chorus:It's all right222When the0239mu - sic is o - ver2200240Come on and dance2222For the0241lord of the last day...0242543334243Verse 4:I love the night20024445So ma - ny20046sha - dows0247Un - ho - ly light200248Secrets of the 220249heart leave 'em in the dark for -222022050 - ever...42645144