Standard (EADGBE)


Verse 1

Well now take a look at that I made a castle in the sand saying this

is where it's at, you couldn't understand now, if I realised that the

chances were slim, how come I'm so suprised when the tide rolled in


Gonna live, on solid rock, gonna live, on solid rock

I wanna give I don't wanna be blocked

I'm gonna live on solid rock

Verse 2

Same as verse 1


You know a house of cards, never built for shock, you could blow it

down in any kind of weather

And you take two solid blocks, two solid rocks, you know they're

gonna stick, yeh they're gonna stick together


Same as verse

Verse 3

Same as verse 1 and 2


End solo

Same as chorus and finish on A

Hopefully that helps anybody who wants to learn the song.


Matthew Pattison