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dAFCGDP. M.1=110XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX442Intro707375707375753P. M.P. M.37073757073757534the notes in brackets weren't supposed to be there(3)33(0)5(3)33(0)5653P. M.5(3)33(0)5| random notes here |50030030000000000000006707375707375753P. M.P. M.77073757073757538335335653P. M.9133533565310212101081210108119897811VerseDm7757757A7879Bb6971012Dm7757757A7879Bb6971013G/b10971097Em7979979141Asus410991099A710871087152This is bar is rather random as well.Asus41099109910991099109997A716141614XX16Chorus7073757073757531770737570737575318335335653191553553543553553553202553553432321VerseSimilar to previous2223ChorusSimilar to…24…previous, but end on this:P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.25553553543XX26Bridge0707545323567564P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.2707075453235675P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.281313101434123164P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.2913131014341231P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.3024242125452342P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.3124242125452342P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.3207075453235675P. M.P. M.P. M.P. M.3307075453235675P. M.P. M.34Build-Up70737575707073737575753443570737575707375757533633553356533753759711938Ending Chorus7073757073757533970737570737575340335335653413x553553543553553553421215full1215full1215full1215full1215full7073757534370737570737575344=803353356534555355354354346OutroFrom here you're just to make a lot of…471 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add comment17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add comment23 Add comment24 Add25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add comment29 Add comment30 Add comment31 Add comment32 Add comment33 Add comment34 Add comment35 Add comment36 Add comment37 Add comment38 Add comment39 Add comment40 Add comment41 Add comment42 Add comment43 Add comment44 Add comment45 Add comment46 Add comment47 Add commentTrack can be converted to a standard tuning (R)
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