Standard (EADGBE)

at the end we go like Fm#---

I took her on a date, things seemed so bright

I knew i would not need my youporn tonight

We go to her place and we fool around

We throw all our clothes ... to the ground

We begin as she turns out the lights

I start but feel something so extra tight

I hear your cry, i see her frown

I look at the condom, it is all brown


Last Night. oooo

I stuck it in the wrong hole

I'm so sorry, oooo

from the bottom of my soul

....cause i stuck it in the wrong hole

Try some preparation H it'll make you feel better

In my defense those holes are so close together

Oh baby baby don't feel defiled

it's a common accident during doggy style

It was so dark I couldn't see so good

I had no idea where i put my wood

I want to make things better want to make things alright

If you want you can put on a strap on and give it back to me all night

I'd rather if she didn't)



I never ever want to make you feel hurting

I guess thats why God made that hole not for inserting

Tell me how you feel, baby please don't pause

Now I know how they feel in that HBO show OZ

Maybe take some advit, your pain it will fix

From the way you are walking, you can compete in the special olympics

If this was Alabama we would be on trial,

Thats how my mom took my temperature as a child


I've got a con festoon, and I think you don't mind

I kinda liked when you put it in my behind

I don't know baby, I'm no Sodomite

Can't we just try it again tonight




Every night oooo

I stick it in the wrong hole

It's so much fun, oooo

and we don't need no birth control

When we stick it in the wrong hole.

I stuck in your ass.