eBGDAE1Prologue (0:00)=80A5442long, long time ago333003I can still remember120102how that…043…music404used to make me smile040450and06I knew if I had my chance30333300I27could make those2010people dance and20102038Color scheme by Black Dogmaybe they'd be happy for a while020202002910But February made me shiver20000100211with every paper I'd deliver000001002312bad news on the doorstep000420I013couldn't take one more step020030I314can't remember if I cried0330100when I4215read about his widowed bride2010020216but something touched me deep inside0000000202the0317day2the music01018died0So019Chorus (1:04)bye=1023bye11Miss American Pie102002021drove my…33…Chevy2133to the levee but the 31111022levee was dry020420and them0323good old boys3301were drinking11024whiskey and rye0202singing0225this will be the day that I die020204222627this will be the day that I020204228die=1394202930Verse (1:30)Did you write the303331book of love and do you310220132have0faith in10331God above00234if the Bible tells0204035you so?44536And do you03037believe3330in038rock and roll?330Can039Rhythm guitar by stepinmyshoes@aol.commusic32save3your140mortal soul?0210and0241Can you teach me020242how to dance020real0430slow?104420Well, I0145know that you are000046in love with him 'cos I10310let ring47saw you dancing000048in the gym10310you049both kicked off1020your0shoes250Clean up job by Chuzchy0man, I3351dig those33rhythm and blues3352052310I was a 678053lonely80teenage777054broncin' buck770with a7755pink carnation7050and a5056pickup truck5020but057I knew I was03033358out of luck032the day0059the music01600died06162I started singin333010bye363Chorus (2:26)bye113Miss American Pie10640202drove my3365Chevy to the levee but the 3331111066levee was dry020420them367good old boys3301were drinking11068whiskey and rye0202singing20269this will be the day that I020204270die271this will be the day that I020204272die42073Verse (2:44)now for3074ten years030we've been33753on our own3002and moss2176grows1fat1077on a rollin' stone0102but278that's now how000it079used to be04080When the3381jester sang333for the1082King and Queen330in a0083coat1he borrowed from020284James Dean010and a 0285voice0that came20286from you and me000087102088Oh! and0089while the King was000090looking down103the jester009100stole his0092thorny crown103the…0…courtroom9303was1adjourned1029442no6955verdict53was3returned…3962030And30while397Lenin read a book3333398on Marx32the2let ring99quartet practiced20101002in the park010and0101we sang30dirges02102in the dark200the day00103the music011040died0105106We were singing33030bye3107Chorus (3:42)bye11Miss American…10…Pie1080202drove my33109Chevy to the levee but the 33311110110levee was dry020420them3111good old boys3301were drinking110112whiskey and rye02022singing02113this will be the day that I0202042114die2115this will be the day that I0202042116die420117118Verse (4:02)Helter skelter3333in0119a summer swelter331122The birds21120flew off11with a00121fallout shelter1002122eight miles high and0004123and falling fast0422124125(12)It landed foul3333233126on the grass032the0127players20tried10for a02128Tab coordinated by Lazy Guitarforward pass3002with the20129jester00on the sidelines2001302in a cast0001311020132now the000133halftime air was00022134sweet perfume203100135while the sargeants played20000136marching tune10310137we all got up to dance00331021380oh!7but we531390never got the chance7530301331400'cos the303141players tried to take33333142the field3003143the marching band11010refused01443to yield002145Do you recall30002what was22146revealed0020the day00147the music011480died?0149150We started singing33303bye3151Chorus (4:59)bye11Miss10152American Pie0202drove my33153Chevy to the levee but the33311110154levee was dry020420them3155good old boys3301were drinking110156whiskey and rye02022singing02157this will be the day that I0202042158die2159this will be the day that I2222222160die420161Oh3and1162Verse (5:19)there we were all33333163in one place311a2164generation1110165Lost in Space102with0166no time left102to0start21670again00168so come on330169Jack be nimble33330170Jack be quick3300171Jack Flash sat on2010a2172candlestick1002'cos0173fire's the devil022017422only friend000175Transcription by JBTaylorSr1020176Oh4177and as I watched0000him0178on the stage103my0179hands were clenched in0000180fists of rage10310181no angel born in hell0031002182could2183break that satan's spell320331840and as the flames3030185climbed higher333in0186to the night03020to2187light2the sacrificial01018820rite10I saw010189satan laughing3002190with delight200the day00191the music011920died0193194We were singing3303bye3195Chorus (6:16)bye11Miss American Pie101960202drove my33197Chevy to the levee but the33311110198levee was dry020420them3199good old boys331were drinking110200whiskey and rye02022singing02201this will be the day that I0404042202die2203this will be the day that I=1020222222204die420205206Verse (6:36)=80I met a girl who sang the blues3333331102and2207I asked her for some happy news210101002but23208she just smiled and000424209turned away04044210I went down333to the sacred store0130020where03211I heard the music02010years before2010but the023212man there said the music020202wouldn't02213play0102and2214in the streets the children screams0000104the2215lovers cried and the poets dreamed00000102216but not a word was spoken3000420the0217church bells all were broken020030and the33218three men I admire most33333020The0219Father, Son and The Holy Ghost201022203220they caught the last train for the coast00000002221the day02the music010222died0and They were singing03300223Outro Chorus (7:41)bye=903bye11Miss American Pie102240202drove my33225Chevy to the levee but the33313111226levee was dry020420and them03227good old boys3311were drinking110228whiskey and rye0202singing02229this will be the day that I 0202042230die2231this will be the day that I=1020202042232die420233They were singing3313234bye3bye11Miss 11235American Pie0202drove my33236Chevy to the levee but the33311110237levee was dry3102them3238good old boys331were drinking111239whiskey and rye0202singing02240Song Ends (8:35)this will be the day that I die___________________10204240241242243244