d#A#F#C#G#D#1intro=8044234567891011121314verse 1stars leave the morning530315516sleep clouds my view530317018don't let them come round0530319here520and call for you0530321022I didn't notice530323524it's a crime too few0530325026I didn't notice530327528it's a crime to feel0530329030chorus 1and I try to sleep 00533alone03310but I couldn't do it00553032you could sitting next to me00553303330and I wouldn't know it00553034if I told you you was wrong0053303350I don't remember saying000553036I don't remember saying000553037I don't remember saying00055303839404142verse 2I'll be your shadow530343544in the cedar room0530345046and leave just a memory0530347548alone with you0530349050I didn't see that530351552it's a call to soon0530353054I couldn't see that530355556it's a call to you0530357058chorus 2and I try to sleep 00533alone03590but I couldn't do it00553060you could sitting next to me00553303610and I wouldn't know it00553062if I told you you was wrong0053303630I don't remember saying000553064I don't remember saying000553065a7ha566ha3and I try to sleep 00533alone03670but I couldn't do it00553068you could sitting next to me00553303690and I wouldn't know it00553070if I told you you was wrong0053303710I don't remember saying000553072I don't remember saying000553073I don't remember saying000553074solo75767778798081828384858687888990chorus 3and I try to sleep 00533alone03910but I couldn't do it00553092you could sitting next to me00553303930and I wouldn't know it00553094if I told you you was wrong0053303950I don't remember saying000553096I don't remember saying000553097a7ha598ha3and I try to sleep 00533alone03990but I couldn't do it005530100you could sitting next to me005533031010and I wouldn't know it005530102if I told you you was wrong00533031030I don't remember saying0005530104I don't remember saying0005530105I don't remember saying0005530106outro107108109110111112113114115116117118119120the cedar room053031210122=50the cedar room053031230124the cedar room053031250126