eBGDAE1[Intro]=934423=704535=7586536We will357sail on for-1118ever on To the 311359Land Of The Evening1113010Star...11112=991314151617181920=91212223242526272829303132[Verse 1]Into the endless we ride033532033Unveil the darkness behind033532034A path of glory here to 023532035cast away we ride7777753536Now will the sky surrender023532037Forever through the never023532038A silent whispering Goes023532039through my restless heart tonight 7777753540[Pre-Chorus]I, will see58841glory rise875742We'll, be5343one tonight353244Don't you,5745shut your eyes in silence88835746Tonight, 512747gather near888Come and10848leave your Fear877In a0349[Chorus]land of desire Your =9558730350heart filled with fire You58730251live for the right to be00333052free3We will5753sail on for-7½3354ever on To the1335855 land of the Evening88810756Star8In a 0357land of desire Your58730358 heart filled with fire581012108The859land of the Evening888101260Star12108616263646566676869[Verse 2]=91Now and forever after023532070A silence filled with laughter023532071Suspicion haunts my dreams And023532072echoes through the night7777753573This star lit gaze reminds me023532074Are you so blind you can't see 023538775The winds of change my friend Will023532076call for you in the dead of night77777755And577[Pre-Chorus]I, will see=9358878glory rise875779We'll, be5380one tonight353281Don't you,5782shut your eyes in silence88835783Tonight, 512784gather near888Come and10885leave your Fear877In a0386[Chorus]land of desire Your 58730387heart filled with fire You58730288live for the right to be00333089free3We will5790sail on for-7½3391ever on To the1335892 land of the Evening88810793Star8In a 0394land of desire Your58730395 heart filled with fire581012108The896land of the Evening888101297Star121089899100101102Solo 1103104105106107108109110Solo 2111112113114115116117118Solo 3119120121122123Solo 4124125126127128129130131132133134In a03135[Chorus]land of desire Your 587303136heart filled with fire You587302137live for the right to be003330138free3We will57139sail on for-7½33140ever on To the13358141 land of the Evening888107142Star8In a 03143land of desire Your587303144 heart filled with fire=50581012108The8145land of the Evening8881012146Star1210814714814924150