eBGDAE1Intro=100442345678910111213141516172418Verse 1On a cold dark winter night22245424419hidden by a stormy light000242020A battle rages for the right02222204for421what will become024222In the valley of the damned222454223warrior with sword in hand00022full2024He travels fast across the land 22222204for425freedom he rides425426And the sign from the master on high 57777758527Screams aloud and across hear the cry For the7777775857728kingdom of fire and ice 5555332And the5229power to be alive3573530BridgeBe strong33ride on87½31carry on through the war 77753032Come along333carry on887½33living for ever more777757On the0234Pre-Chorus 1wings of death 320By the3535hands of doom 753By the3336darkest light 3full32From the 2237darkest moon320Crossing0238silent seas 320Over3539mountains high 753For we3340stand as one333fullto-741night55full3fullOn the7842Chorusblack wind forever 8full1012103We343ride on together 5full5870De-344stroying your evil88883with345freedom our guide 81010full10When the7846master will call us 8full107103He347stand high before us 75870Our348hearts filled with splendour Our88883349swords will shine over the8573full3250light3205152535455565758Verse 2In the valley of the damned77775full3059Day breaks with golden strand 7775full30O-5full60ver pastures green it glows 5553full32To761where night returns 5full3full3262In the shadows faces appear 7777753063Warriors wearing full metal gear 777777530764Join together one and all 5555532Before the77765glorious73full3light266BridgeRise up 33gather around888767come and hear what is said 77753068Use your senses open your mind33338887½69don't you ever forget777857On the0270Pre-Chorus 2wings of life320By the3571hands of hope753By the3372brightest light3full32From the 2273brightest sun320Crossing3374silent seas 320Over3575mountains high 753To the3376valley33of3fullthe777damned55full3fullOn the7878Chorusblack wind forever 8full1012103We379ride on together 5full5870De-380stroying your evil88883with381freedom our guide 81010full10When the7882master will call us 8full107103He383stand high before us 75870Our384hearts filled with splendour Our88883385swords will shine over the8573full3286Solo 1 [Herman]light0000087888990919293949596979899100101102Solo 2 [Sam]103104105106Solo 3 [Herman]107108109110111112113114Solo 4 [Sam]115116117118Solo 5 [Herman]119120121122123124125126Solo 6 [Herman & Sam]127128129130131132133On the78134Chorusblack wind forever 8full1012103We3135ride on together 5full5870De-3136stroying your evil88883with3137freedom our guide 81010full10When the78138master will call us 8full107103He3139stand high before us 75870Our3140hearts filled with splendour Our888833141swords will shine over the8573full37142Chorusblack wind forever 8full1012103We3143ride on together 5full5870De-3144stroying your evil88883with3145freedom our guide 81010full10When the78146master will call us 8full107103He3147stand high before us 75870Our0148hearts filled with splendour Our7½88833149swords will shine over the=708573full38150End Solo [Herman]light...10full15110full1081525full3153154=70155156157158=70159160161162=70163164165=5098166Outro=1007416716844169170171