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1=80HITRFIRST PART: You need to be comfortable "F5"LforRmoreLinfoRLRL442Rwith the first part before going furtherLRLRLRAt least measures 1,2,3,5LRLRL333334555553333333367777789SECOND PART10Integrating Bass Drum to your fillsNo accents: all the notes333311need to sound equal1255551314THIRD PART: Bass drums, 2 notes in a row33331516555517It is possible for anyone. Your foot just needs to get used to it1819OK, once you can do it... Applications!20=1202122232425=100Application 2262728=192As John Bohnam did in "Dazed and Confused" t = 192333329333330333331333332=90334x=90App 4: How to sound with one foot like a dble BD34=8035App. 5333336=100333337=120333338=140333339=160333340333341=10042My favorite... Copyright on this one :-p !!!43