eBGDAE1Intro:=764423410121251213912116810910(10)79781010881012121213121213129553775105533736552335113553341278757757713910101089897755341455387775897101512121010111216There's a5717Verse1:La - dy who's sure ___87587all5318that glit - ters___ is gold __ and she's78810875810319buy - ing__ the stair - way1210875to520heav - en355When she5721gets there she knows___87585if the5722stores are __ all closed, __810875with a810323word she __ can get121087what she8824came__ for.85525Ooooooo,_________________________________…812810268108785and she's5727buy - ing a stair - way___ to810121010878828heav - en.855There's a5729Sign on the wall,_____87575but she57330wants to be sure,___810875'cause you81031know some-times word have___1213121012two1232meanings.121010In a10733tree8by the brook,__10879there's a10734song - bird__ who sings,810875some - times81035all of our thoughts are mis -12108108836giv - en.8553712139121138810910(10)79398101084010121212131212131241Oooo,__________84258it makes me won888743 - der.___54445Ooo,_________846makes me won - der._____87875547_________________________35353548There's a5749Verse2:feel - ing I get__ 87575When I5750look to the west,__810875and my81051spir - it is cry - ing for leav -12108753352ing.___5In my5753thoughts I have seen__ 87575rings of5754smoke through the trees,__810875and the81055voic - es of those who stand look -12108753356ing._____55758Ooo,____859it makes me won - der.87875606162Ooo,______863real - ly makes me won - der.___7878756465And it's5766Verse3:whis - peres that soon__ if we8108755767all__ call__ the tune,__ then5881087581068the pi - pe will lead us to rea - 12108753369son5And a5770new - day will dawn,__810875for771those who stand long,__810875and the81072for - est__ will ec - ho with laugh -1210812108873ter.574757677787980Oh.___________________810810810810875818283Verse4:=84If there's a bus - tle in you121212101010884hedge - row, don't be a - larmed_now,10810108109985it's just a spring-clean for the May_queen.10812108108886587Yes, there are two paths you can128810810888go by, 108but in the long__ run10108109989there's still time to change _ the road8121081088890you're on.__55919293And it makes me won -10101210894der.7959697Ahhhh____________________121089899100Verse5:Your head is hum-ing and it12108108108101won't go,108in case you don't know,1010101099102the pip - er's call - ing you to join _108121081088103him._5104Dear la - dy can you hear the wind.__1210810810810105__ blow,8and did you__ know__58555106your stair - way lies on the whis8812108108107- 'prin' wind,___________10810108oh._______________________________…7109Interlude:=1085110111112113114115116117118119120121=100122Guitar Solo:123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138139140141142Outro:And as we wind_ on down th road,_55587535143144our shad-ows tall - er than our soul___________5558557814585146there walks a la - dy we all555121087147know.___________785148who shines white light and wants to555121087149show.______75150how ev -'ry - thing___ still turns to5558757151gold.______75152And if you list - en ver - y hard,__________555875771535154the tune will come to you___ 5558758at last,______81555156when all are one __ and one is all___555812108101215716yeah,_______1716158to be a rock__ and not to___14141413121313159roll._____________________________________________131601611627875163164165166167And8she's10168buy12 -10ing___87a7169stair -87way____53to3170heav - en.____885171Change tuning (R)