eBGDAE1=7144234567I6want6love6but it's im2248pos6si4ble49A man26like me66so irres-22410ponsible644611A man11like me26is412dead in22places1213Other men464feel214li6be6ra6ted4But215I6can't6love6Shot216full of holes64417Don't feel nothing66644I218just feel cold644619Don't feel nothing226420just old scars24221Toughening up44642222around my heart6664But223I6want6love624Just a different kind7777725I want love, won't break me down77777777won't7726brick me up, won't fence me in, I want a666666644627love7That don't mean a thing77777That's4628the love I want777I6want429love230I6want6love6on231my own terms64432After everything 66644I've233ever learned644634Me2I2carry6435too2much baggage21236Oh man I've seen2264237so6much6traffic64But238I6want6love639Just a different kind7777740I want love, won't break me down77777777won't7741brick me up, won't fence me in, I want a666666644642love7That don't mean a thing77777That's4643the love I want777I6want444love245So bring it on255546I've9been bruised7547Don't give me love7777That's248clean and smooth97549I'm ready for2555the250roughest stuff75351No sweet romance555552I've had enough777765354555657A man11like me26is458dead in22places1259Other men464feel260li6be6ra6ted4But261I6want6love662Just a different kind7777763I want love, won't break me down77777777won't7764brick me up, won't fence me in, I want a666666644665love7That don't mean a thing77777That's4666the love I want777I6want467love268I6want6love669Just a different kind7777770I want love, won't break me down77777777won't7771brick me up, won't fence me in, I want a666666644672love7That don't mean a thing77777That's4673the love I want777I6want474love2757677787980