eBGDAE1Gentleman and=1773356442ladies all please35353lend me your at-33564tention.335I beg your pardon33536for my cheek,5357please join this6568heathenreel.3559Strange rules has this553610dance; suffers33511from a serious335612allergy.56613Reddens and be-335614comes so unkind,365515when people're66616acting just like535217you.....31819202122232425262728=205The229regal dance's about 335630 to start and I355231am here to335632tell you33"There's 233many a slip twixt 3335634cup and lip" 'tis 355235something that could 665636help you3337On and on please553638join the ball,35539nobody will665640stop you. The35341steps, they are so 335642simple look the moo..3533643..oon is dancing53544too345Drink a toast 55546with the wise man, 363547no one will care665648for you35549Let the dances 335650have their go,35551follow 'till they 665652reach the end35353Mind the minstrels 353654they will say you're565555just another335656scarecrow53357Not a word a335658single word,353659not for all the555560whole damn world, you353661saaaaaaaaaaay5626364246544666768692470447172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102Change tuning (R)