Capo 3rd fret

Standard (EADGBE)


Oh, do you see her?

Queen of the heavens on the move

Carried over oceans into India

Seduced by their gods and the heat and monsoons

How well, how obediently they received her

But Maria, there's an elephant head in your womb

Oh, they believe in her

Carved her idol into rock

Over time, they married her to Shiva

On their knees they begged her undrown their crops

Oh Lady, Lady Dolorosa

Many armed, many nippled mother of God

Santa Maria

Santa Lakshmi of the ponds

Forgot where she came from

Out in Nirvana she was lost

Draped in rosaries of jasmine, broken veena

Adore, exalt at the foot of a cross

Where she wept in ivory and silver till

Her child was reborn on a lotus pond

Oh, do you see her?

Lost in her saffron-scented joy

Eastern Maria

Nursing a blue-skinned baby boy