Standard (EADGBE)

You made me fall over

Then I hit my head

Now I can't remember

Anything that you said

But I dreamed I was you

And I dreamed I was dead

When I woke up, I carved your face

Into my bed

It's like I missed all the memos

And I missed the boat

And a meteor shower

Is heading for my throat

Bang, bang. Smack. Ouch

I thought romance was pretty

Then you went and spoiled it

Every time that I think of you

Have to go to the toilet

Cant tell if this is love

Or a stomach disorder

Or a massive grade A typhoon

Inside my aorta

And I want to jump in it

Wanna give it a voice

Wanna cut to the finish

Deny your lizards for boys

And you dont know paranoia

Till it bites you in the balls

Till somebody is under a bus

Cos he hasn�t called

Cos I think that you are leaving

Before you�ve arrived

Need to know that you�re breathing

And you know youre alive

Oh Bang, bang. Smack. Ouch.

I cant shake this feeling

That Im down on my luck

Youre an animated anvil

And Im an animated duck

That they worlds made of numbers

And I am a three

And you are nine hundred and eight

And youre sitting on me

That Im single cell matter

And you are the sea

But Im evolution


Because I didnt know who I was before

Now my mind is wide open

But my body is old

Bang, bang. Smack. Ouch.