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eBGDAD1=120882345678910111213141516171819There's no time for you baby1010999102021No time to realize559997102223Our life will be wasted1010999102425You ruin it with all your lies5555322627Would you die for me baby1010999102829'Cos I'm dying all the time559997103031I'm tired of this faking1010999103233This time I'm gonna be strong5121212103491210735This time I've gotta move on1212121036937738You've laughed at me for the last time1112103999974010910419742No more of these bitter lies11121043999744107104591046You've laughed at me for the last time1112104799974810910499750No more of these bitter lies111210519997521071053910545556You're in love with yourself baby1010999105758Is it love we sacrifice?559997105960I'm so tired of this faking1010999106162This time I'm gonna be strong5121212106391210764This time I've gotta move on1212121065966767You've laughed at me for the last time1112106899976910910709771No more of these bitter lies11121072999773107107491075You've laughed at me for the last time1112107699977710910789779No more of these bitter lies111210809997811071082910838485868788891190121412991No more lies1211119212No more lies1211119312From now on 'til the end of time1211129414121112995No more lies1211119612No more lies1211119712From now on 'til the end…121112…of time981412161412999No more lies12111110012No more lies12111110112From now on 'til the end of time121112102141211129103No more lies12111210419No more lies1211105111211910679107Change tuning (R)